The Kristiansand Chamber of Commerce introduced “Be Digital” project

The Kristiansand Chamber of Commerce published an article about the project here: https://www.kristiansand-chamber.no/aktuelt/nordisk-prosjekt-for-aftenskolen/
This article has also become a part of the electronic newsletter that is sent out to over 1000 businesses in the Kristiansand region via email.

Translated, it reads:
Aftenskolen Agder is developing a joint course in social media with partners from Iceland, Lithuania and Latvia. The project is called: “Be digital: Bridging the social media skills gap of citizens over 50 in Nordic and Baltic countries” and is supported by the Nordplus Adult program. Nordplus is the Nordic Ministry’s largest educational program for lifelong learning.
The course is directed toward employees who are over 50 and need more knowledge about social media in the workplace. The course will be offered for free the first semester, which is autumn 2020. Course modules will be offered in Norway, Lithuania, Latvia and Iceland. In addition, there will be joint conferences online and a conference in Lithuania for selected participants.
The first step in the development of the course is surveys of employers and employees in the four countries in order to specify needs. Members of the Chamber of Commerce are invited to contribute to the development of the course by answering a short survey.
Project partners:
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