Be Digital practical workshop planning underway

We are pleased to announce the upcoming Be Digital Workshop on Facebook Tools for 50+, which will take place on Zoom on June 10, 2021.

This workshop is tailored to needs of people over 50.

Meet and greet our trainer – Vladi Abdulajev, who welcomes you today:


Hello, I am Vladi and currently, I am working as a freelance digital marketing manager, content creator and lecturer with a background in nuclear physics.

My skill tree has been shaped by years of volunteering in non-profit organisations, working with commercial clients, lecturing and studying physics, which has helped me develop an ability to tackle problems with logical reasoning to arrive at a solution. This experience has led me to start sharing my knowledge with others and after a few successful attempts at lecturing, I was invited to be a lecturer at Vilnius University of Applied Sciences, where I work with public relations students.



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