Be Digital Lithuanian Team Gets Reinforcement: Welcome Our New Associated Partner EduMint

We are proud to introduce our new associated partner EduMint Training, who joined our team bringing in their invaluable experience and expertise in social media!

As the company’s co-founder Domantas Širvinskas says:

EduMint is a digital marketing school – we gather professionals with long hands-on experience in their specific field and businesses or governmental institutions, so the latter ones can learn how to improve their digital presence. The seminars cover mostly used platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google Ads and content creation skills like copywriting, storytelling, graphic design and photography. In EduMint we mostly value the applicability of the knowledge, so we make sure the training programs are always up to date and provided only by the highest-ranked specialists in the field.

EduMint’s professionals will run the piloting training for the selected learners in Lithuania. We are lucky as we’ll be learning from the best!

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